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    Headache ,more nausea , very dizzy. i cut a 10 mg in half and i am doing fine on the 5mg. So, I believe that its ok, that your dr. There are so many other meds 5mg citalopram enough for anxiety that I need to take for my health issues. ed drugs at gnc I was on this 2 weeks, then went up to 40mg and was great on this for many months. What is the proper starting dosage for Celexa. discount code for drugstore com After 8 days I went to 20 mgs but it made me very sick. I trust my doctor, I'm just worried starting at 20mg right off the bat isn't a good idea or something.
    I had a panic attack that lasted 5 hours. so grat news on sat took a half. best prescription male enhancement drugs is prednisone bad for you
    But I'm 67 now and having a devil of a time starting meds again My doc recommended remeron, has anyone been on this. I hope you have as much success on it as i've had.
    i also was percribed 20 mg celexa on wed. I did that for a long time ( months. product team cialis solution He increased the dosage to 30mg but I went down to 20 mg again. it made me pretty(bare with me and my spelling)nauseus. acheter cialis canada sans prescription prednisone and birth control implant how many days does cialis last buying drugs from canada pros and cons To view content sources and attributions, please refer to our. I have been on Citalopram (Celexa) for some time now. You name it, I've tried it. What I've read doesn't seem like I want to go the direction of severe weight gain and feeling like a zombie.
    Terms & Privacy to receive email notifications whenever new articles are published. find viagra in the street cialis blood sugar reasons why viagra doesnt work Ihope I also get good results from it. Trust me, I have taken just about everything out there. But after reading about the drug, a lot of info says it's best to start with a lower dose and gradually up it.
    ) and then I went to 10 mg. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
    It is also safe to break them in half.
    i have pretty ridiculous anxiety. You gave me good information. My Questions & Answers The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records. I take it for anxiety and panic attacks. The reason for me taking such small doses is because I am extremely sensitive to all these kinds of meds. My mum takes the 10mg for mild depression/anxiety and has gotten relief from this.
    I felt out of my mind crazy, unable to function.
    I started taking celexa 20 mg on a Wednesday. and have been on the for about 2 weeks.

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    , , , , , , I was just prescribed Celexa for generalized/social anxiety and panic attacks. have a med recheck in amonth to see how its going. And it works amazing 5mg citalopram enough for anxiety for me. I was given a 20mg dosage and simply told to take one a day at the same time. I will start off on 10mg myself. That 20 was too much for me. I was on celexa, prescribed for my anxiety, just as yourself. I just cut them in half Hi, i also take celexa (citalopram where i live, UK). hi everyone- i take the generic for celexa which is citalopram.
    I'm on this med and have 10mg pills. Most everything I've read, from the other members here on the site, is that they also began and most of them stay on 20mg or a few are on 40mg.
    I wanted to stop the drug to see how I would feel.
    com Natural Products Browse all medications: What is the proper starting. for like 4 hours so on friday the day i was suppose to take the whole pill i called the dr to see if i could do a couple more days of the halfs which she said was fine.
    What is the proper starting dosage for Celexa.
    So far, I've found Celexa to be the best. was told to take half wed and half thurs then a whole pill friday.
    ( again, cutting the 10 in half ).
    Thanks they do make a 10mg because I just got a new script for it:) Not true about available dosage. At first I would take the 10 mg and cut them in half.
    Any thoughts woukd be appreciated. I ended up I'm the hospital because of none stop anxiety with dehydration and low calories on my body. Just to let you know, I have been on celexa for just over a year now. I am 40 lbs lighter so maybe that has something to do with it.
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    I don't want to contradict pledge but there is a 10mg version (maybe its not available where he lives.
    i have never been on any kinds of med like this. I had taken celexa 2 years ago for years with no problems. Similar Questions You must to view your friends.
    Celexa DOES come in 10 mg pills.
    But as pledge said, 20mg is the usual starting dose. I felt good on 10 mgs and have gone back to that. Years ago I was tried on very high doses of gabapentin and had side effects of dizziness, yet recently I was tried again on a very low dose and I felt horrible.

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    Further Information 5mg citalopram enough for anxiety

    Hello , My doctor started me off at 5 mgs due my sensitivity to 5mg citalopram enough for anxiety meds and stomach issues then to 10mgs. actually pretty pyched about it i really hope this med works.
    I'm very sensitive to medications. On Friday night, just three days on it I experienced a very bad reaction to the drug. I had very high anxiety and a few panic attacks. still gonna half it for sunday and monday cause im a pussy but going tto take the whole pill tuesday.
    I had extreme lose of appetite and lost 5 pounds.
    I was on the 10 mg for about 2 months, and then I went to 15 mg. was finally getting the best of me.
    I spoke to a phsyciatrist at the hospital who evaluated me and said to take 10 mg of celexa.
    They don't make a 10mg pill.
    My doc feels like my stomach is having a hard time with the seratonin. Available for Android and iOS devices. I've noticed as I get older that I am much more sensitive to meds I took years ago for panic attacks. i read its best to take the lowest that you can take i am 69 yrs old.